Best Places To Visit And Things To Do In Coimbatore

One of the largest and most popular cities in Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore is an amazing place to explore. Offering stunning attractions ranging from incredible places and delicious food to thrilling adventure activities and picturesque landscapes, the place is truly ethereal to explore. Book cheap flights to India at Indian Eagle and come visit this remarkable place in South India. Here’s a list of some of the best attractions you can enjoy in Coimbatore.

Camp and Trek

Trekking and camping are among the most popular things to do in the region owing to its stunning landscape. This is one of the best places to visit on cheap last minute flights especially if you happen to be a nature lover. Trekking along scenic trails and camping amidst lush greenery is a chance not many will want to miss. Vellari Mala, Dhoni Hills, Perumal Peak, and Thalaiyar Falls are among the most picturesque and popular trekking places in Coimbatore. They also serve as great picnic spots in Coimbatore.

Kovai Kutralam Falls

A must-visit place for those who love waterfalls, Kovai Kutralam Falls is breathtaking to behold. Situated in Siruvani hills, this galvanizing waterfall is among the most picturesque tourist places near Coimbatore you can visit. About an hour away from Coimbatore, the sight of pristine waters falling from an incredible height is an incredible one indeed. A visit here is sure to enthrall nature lovers to the very core.

Balancing Rock

Popularly known as the “Stone of Sky God,” this is mysterious balancing rock called Krishna’s Butter Ball. About 6 meters tall with a width of about 5 meters, the immovable stone is placed on a sloping incline which is popularly called as the Balancing Rock. Numerous efforts to move this mysterious gigantic rock have gone in vain and it remains one of the top tourist attractions in Coimbatore. If you love mysteries pay the rock a visit and try your hand at solving its riddle.

Marudhamalai Hill Temple

Located in the highland at a massive elevation of about 500 feet, the Marudhamalai Hill Temple is among the top attractions in the region. Situated about 15 km from Coimbatore, this is a prime religious spot in the region to visit when arriving on cheap business class flights. Vehicles are allowed to pass through the temple with the Devasthanam even granting about three buses to get through to the top from the low slopes beneath.

Vydehi Falls

Located about 35 km from the city, a visit to the stunning Vydehi Falls is among the top things to do in Coimbatore. Among the most popular attractions in the region, the sight of pristine waters falling from an incredible height is a spellbinding one, to say the least. Travelers who are nature and water lovers will love exploring this stunning attraction. It serves as a popular picnic spot as well and is best visited with family or friends.

Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary

One of the best things to do here especially if you’re visiting with kids is to take an incredible wildlife safari at the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary. Situated in the Anamalai Mountain Range, visit this amazing sanctuary to experience nature and wildlife at its best. Blanketed in thick forests and home to a myriad variety of exotic flora and fauna, the sanctuary is an amazing place to explore if you happen to be a nature lover and wildlife enthusiast.

Sunset at Valankulam Lake

This is one of the most romantic things you can do here if you happen to be traveling with your beau. Valankulam Lake is among the most stunning tourist attractions you can explore near Coimbatore. You can take a leisurely stroll along the lake with your sweetheart and watch the sun go down together. This is also a great spot for looking at some of the most beautiful birds such as Little Grebes, and Purple Moorhen among others.

Savor authentic South Indian food

An absolute must-do when in Coimbatore is to savor some of the most delicious and lip-smacking South Indian dishes. There are scores of restaurants and other eateries that serve delicious authentic South Indian food in Coimbatore. Head to any of these and gorge on a hot plate of Dosa, Idlis, Sambar, and other items. Bird On Tree, Hari Bhavanam, and Shree Anandhaas are some of the top restaurants you can try these dishes at.


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