Types of Electrical Protection Relay & Numerical Protection Relay.

What is Protection Relay?

Protection relay is one of smart electrical device which is working as shied or protection cover for electrical power system. Protection device is getting input like current, voltage, insulation and temperature etc, according to all input protection relay is giving output in form of visual indication, warning alarm, and communication and remove power. According to all input what kind of output you looking from protection relay that you need to make some settings in form of pick-up-level & time.

Types of Electrical Protection Relay –

Types of electrical protection relay is based on their function, working parameter, logic & feature. Some types of electrical protection relay are following.

Feeder Protection Relay –

Feeder protection relay is one of most commonly used types of protection which is protecting lines and cables form overhead. Feeder protection relay is one device which is always make sure power grid continues to supply energy or in case is there any fault then it works as a shield or protection cover. This protection is also available in multi function of feeder protection relay which is working against the over-current.

Ashida Electronics is providing economical designed of feeder protection relay which have multifunction like alarm, fault analysis & event.

Transformer Protection –

Transformer protection is the high speed digital signal controller continuously monitoring & controlling at line phrase current from high voltage & low voltage current. Transformer protection is working on broken conductor detection and breaker failure. Electrical Power system is working continually duration working time fault records can be display either on HMI display or in RTV2 software.

Transformer protection is continually working on monitoring, controlling & protecting of power system protection.

Motor Protection Relay –

Motor protection relay is simple and compact construction of device that make insuring for electrical motor which is working properly or not. Motor protection relay detects motor prolong start conditions effectively and provides all kind of protection to electrical motor.


SCADA Systems-

SCADA stand for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition is the one kind of control system for electrical power system which is used computer, network data. SCADA system is developed to make remote access at fingertip.

• Custom-built Software
• SCADA / Substation Automation

Control and Relay Panel –

[sociallocker]Control and relay panel is design and manufacturing to give the hole control of line or transformer through outdoor. Control and relay panel is electrical device which is help to get protected electrical power system from of current earth fault, neutral unbalance voltage protection, under/over overvoltage.

• Bus Bar & Bus Coupler Protection.
• Capacitor Bank Protection.

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