Google is Rolling Out: New Keyword Bidding suggestions in Google AdWords

Many advertisers all over the world are noticing a new interface of keyword bidding in the AdWords today. You can see new interface with suggestions, when you clicking to change the Max CPC on a keywords.

Charanjeet Singh, Digital Marketing Expert at Delhi-based Digital Marketing Company, tweeted a new interface options advertisers will see when they click to change a keyword max bid

Instead of showing a single dialogue box like this…

Google will show keyword bid suggestions for different positions, even if the bid simulator is not existing for the keyword. Google may show you one, two or three keyword bid suggestions falling on the present standing on the keyword bid. For instance, when bids are below the first page bid, Google may show the one bid solicitation to get demonstrates on page one with regular frequency.

Also. Google is using the language. Instead of “top of page,” Google makes a suggestion to demonstrate “Above all organic search results.” I can’t help but feeling a little stab at SEO with that. Instead of “first position,” Google suggestions a bid to show “Above all other ads.” The new phrasing maybe clearer for new advertisers and also shows the some ad position options with correct rail ads gone.

This is rolling out, so you may not see it in your old accounts just yet.

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