CA Rajiv Mittal: Accounting and Financial Management

Rajiv Mittal & Co., chartered accountant firm established in the year 2006, in the heart of Haryana – Panchkula, pioneers itself as a top chartered accountancy firm, providing professional services related to your accounts and financial management. Rajiv Mittal & Co., complemented by a team of highly trained accounting experts, account assistants, financial advisors and

Top 5 link building strategies that will work in 2018

Link building is the ultimate factor of SEO that plays a vital role in ranking the websites. No website can rank properly without attaching the links, this is why link building is known to be crucial if you want organic website ranking. The top ranking websites that appear on the search engine result page (SERP)

How to stream from VLC to Chromecast?

You guys must be aware of the terms VLC and Chromecast right? Still, I’ll give you a little bit of introduction. VLC or VLC Media player is a software which can be downloaded and used on different platforms like Android, Windows as well as iOS platforms too. With the help of this tool you can

Types of Electrical Protection Relay & Numerical Protection Relay.

What is Protection Relay? Protection relay is one of smart electrical device which is working as shied or protection cover for electrical power system. Protection device is getting input like current, voltage, insulation and temperature etc, according to all input protection relay is giving output in form of visual indication, warning alarm, and communication and

Make Money Fast By Selling Your Home

A home is a huge investment and most home owner wait patiently for their home to gain some value. Once a home has gained value, a home owner puts it up for sale. A home is a very profitable investment even if you choose not to sell it. Most home owners prefer giving their home