Google Ads Introduced : ‘Ad Strength’ Indicator and Responsive Search Ads ‘Reporting’

Google launched ‘New Responsive Search Ads’ feature that assists the advertisers in creating ads exactly correspond to ideal searches of customers. It made it possible by allowing the advertisers to add different combinations of description & headlines and then Google optimizes the best combinations for desired output.

However, this update of Google faced various complaints from advertisers. These complaints hold the issue of reporting mainly. Responsive search ads feature didn’t have any criteria for reporting which is most imperative for best performance. Which combination works worst and which works best, can only be known by having a reporting system. The second issue is how advertisers could know about the options being enough or not, there is a need to add more stuff or it’s enough.

To tackle these issues, Google announced the updates which will prove more helpful in shoring up this feature more effectively. Here are the updates:

‘Ad strength’ indicator

With the aim of achieving more impressions & clicks, Google has made it imperative for all advertisers to add minimum three ads in every ad group. After doing so, the responsive search ad supports in meeting the ultimate goal. In responsive search ads, now the ad strength indicator being added by Google will measure the diversity, quantity, and relevance of each ad. So, ads must be diverse for more quality results. This indicator guides the advertisers by indicating the ad being ranged from ‘poor’ to ‘Excellent’ indicator. And, furthermore, it gives suggestions like, ‘Add more headlines’.

In the interface, it will be added as a new column from September. And, for a few weeks after its launch, it will be highlighted in the ad creation interface. In the upcoming months, you will also get it in responsive display ads.

Responsive search ads ‘Reporting’

As & when the advertisers create responsive ads, they could preview some combinations and now they will be able to get the whole stats on best combinations of descriptions & headlines via this reporting update by Google. In the Google Ads interface, you can get this feature by opening Ads & extensions. Here under Attributes, you will be required to add the filter for the Ad types. And, now choose Responsive search ad.

Google recommends for having minimum three ads in each ad group including responsive search ad too. And, responsive search ads should contain minimum five headlines.

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