SFB Cookies: You Will Stop by Soon To Taste The Crunch!

It’s time for cookies, SFB Cookies at Rani Bagh, West Delhi, delight you by experiencing the warmth of fresh baked cookies, 100% vegetarian of sophisticated yet classic treats.

SFB has a unique range of cookies and baked products generally not found in the local market. A compilation of simple, wholesome and delicious baked products that are really tasteful. It create distinction in providing the products that is pleasing to the eye and palate, very nice and attractively packed to be suitable for any occasion, as well as daily consumption. SFB is committed to making sure that their cookies are the freshest and tastiest everytime, so they use only premium ingredients.

Baked in small batches, unique taste stems from the sugar’s caramelization during the baking process. The best ingredients, dedicated bakers, hygienic environment and a passion for quality and craftsmanship , turn out so many delicious treats. Delectably crunchy, with a unique taste and refined flavor from fresh baked cookies and bars, to decadent cupcakes, cookie cakes and delicious party favours, it has all from modern day flavors to traditional delicacies.

The scrumptious SFB cookies are available in an extensive range of international and local flavours, carefully packed in a variety of packaging solutions that effectively combine function and style. The ideal snack, a perfect gift and a wonderful treat – SFB range of mouth-watering fresh baked cookies are a guaranteed delight – grab a bite! From just because to just married, enjoy the best baked cookies at your home, office, birthdays and special occasion events, SFB have the perfect gift for any occasion. SFB seeks to continuously refining the product range, introducing classic tastes of authentic traditional baking, blending the old with the new and ranging from variations of well-known favorite cookies to wholly unique product.

SFB carries varied range of baked cookies and biscuits, all available under one roof. Assorted Biscuits (mix cookies with flavors of jam, chocolate and milk), Kaju Pista Biscuit (baked with crunchiness of cashenuts and pistachio), Dry Fruits Biscuit (rolled with richness of plenty dry fruits), Butter Kaju Biscuits (using purest butter with cashewnuts), Besan Khatai (authentic traditional preparation of besan khatai with timeless taste), Gol Kaju Cookies (round disc cookies cherished with cashewnuts), Atta Biscuits (evergreen whole wheat delicacy), Salty Delight Biscuit( crunch with Ajwain), Cake Rusk (specially made egg-less cake rusk), Biscotti (Italian delight with butter and almonds), Chocolate Chip Cookies (royal chocolate with chips), Fruit Kaju Biscuits (perfect combination of fruit and kaju), Oat Biscuits and more.

Any celebration becomes complete with SFB cakes, with variety of customized designs, shapes, flavours, sizes and innovation. From Delicious Truffle Cake, to Yummy White Forest Cake, imported Fresh Fruits Cale, to kids desired designed or self-conceptualized caked or latest photo cakes, SFB has all egg less ingredients for making your occasion more tasteful.

SFB is perfect for taking the timeout that you deserve for the cookies.

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