Bing Ads Now Add 3rd Headline and 2nd Description in Text Ads

Now you can create longer ads then Google Ads in Bing Ads.

Early Thursday, many people saw that Bing Ads now endorsement a third headline and second description in their text ad, Bing Ads now expanded its text ads characters limit same as Google’s responsive search ads.

Why you should care

Google added third headline & second description line for expanded text ads in August as optional. Now, just before the holiday, advertisers can create new ones. or import those same ads into Bing Ads.

In the latest version of Bing Ads Editor already supports the third title and second description text.

More on the change

  • With this format, each headline can be increase 5 characters, now headline will be 30 characters, and each descriptions can be increase 10 characters, now description will be 90 characters.
  • The ad copy shows the order it which you write the headlines and descriptions.

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