A Developed WhatsApp Version- GBWhatsApp

Have you ever craved to enjoy advanced features of WhatsApp? Well, this is everyone’s desire. You might have faced a situation when you wanted to copy the status, but you couldn’t do so as WhatsApp rules don’t allow you to do it. Let us see more sensitive perspective, i.e. the desire you keep the personal talks completely private in WhatsApp. And, many more perspectives are there which we always want to do but probably can’t do because WhatsApp doesn’t permit us. However, you will get amazed after hearing that now you can do all this, and even many more fascinating features can be enjoyed. Want to know what’s this new app? It is a developed Official WhatsApp and titled as GBWhatsApp. This standard version of WhatsApp has many hidden surprises for you that you have just dreamt about.

What is GBWhatsApp?

Basically, GBWhatsApp is WhatsApp’s modified version. This version has unlocked several WhatsApp features which were otherwise hard to get & now you can enjoy the entire WhatsApp freely. You can easily reduce the size of WhatsApp by cleaning WhatsApp log & hence reduce the device load and size of WhatsApp. It will ultimately result in increased speed of the device & it will start working smoothly. GBWhatsApp app download will not take time, so get it on your device.

Exquisite features:

From customizing theme to sending files of any size, there are several features you can relish with. Here are all the features GBWhatsApp bestow you:

  • In GBWhatsApp, you get DND mode which is extremely helpful. Whenever you want others not to see you online while using internet & even the double ticks of messages, then just turn it on. Also, your mobile data will not be consumed by WhatsApp and will not get disturbed with its notifications & can enjoy watching movies & playing games without any disturbance.
  • You get more privacy by using it. You can easily hide online status, however, you can see easily the last seen of others. You can hide blue ticks, typing status, and various other privacy features conveniently.
  • Now you can keep the status of others by copying it. if you want to get it on your device then you can download it by going through the three dots you will get on the top right corner of the status, and then clicking on the option ‘Download’. You can anytime upload it and quality will not be loosened.
  • Its possible to use double WhatsApp accounts.
  • Now you will get various languages and it’s easy to use any language at any time.
  • It has an online feature which let you remain online all the day-long for hours.
  • Up to the videos of 50mb size, you can easily do an exchange with your friends.
  • Now it’s possible to share 10 pictures at one time.
  • Here you get a unique feature of custom chat. On the basis of notifications & privacy, you can filter the users. For a particular user, custom notifications can be set & privacy features can be used. It includes hiding of typing status, bluetick, view status, double tick, online status, and anti revoke.
  • A message scheduler you get in this is highly useful. Now no need to remind the anniversary & birthdays of your friends, as you can set the schedule for desired dates. It will automatically remind you of that date.
  • It’s possible to use old WhatsApp if you want after installing it.
  • New emojis you will find in GBWhatsApp.

In short, it is the good solution to all the WhatsApp problems you may face in mundane. GBWhatsApp app download will not take time, so install it today & enjoy.

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